Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My finished Amy Butler Weekender.

Yay I've finished and here are some pictures:

I'm so pleased so here are more photos of the inside.

I made a few changes to the pattern:
  • I put zips on the two outside pockets.
  • I put D rings on the side so that I can attach a strap to hang it over the pushchair.
  • I added an inside zip and key clip (I'm always losing my keys).
This pattern has given me a massive boost in confidence in following a pattern. I love challenging project so that you can learn new skills. My main problem is what to do next? My options are finish two quilts that have been lying around for a couple of years or something new. Any ideas?
Lizzy x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Clothes Pegs Genius idea.

I'm still working on the Weekender and I'm so pleased with it. I'm surprised how I'm getting on following a pattern. I had a brain wave as I was searching for ideas on how to hold the bag together and though small bulldog clips would be perfect and I ordered some. I became very excited when they came through, until the package was opened.
But I thought the comparison might make it easier to understand my disappointment.
I then went back on to the net and after lots of reading of tips and ideas I found someone that said use clothes pegs(sorry for not adding the link I don't remember who said it and to be honest I don't know how to). They make it a lot easier to hold it together to get it under my machine.
Just as I was about to sew the other side one of the angels woke up for night cuddles. Yeah.
I think a peg bag could be next on my to do list.
Lizzy x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I didn't quite get the blogging thing until last night I was working on my weekender (working sounds like its a chore and it really isn't) when I accomplished a zip and piping. I skipped to my husband brimming over with pride and by the look on his face he didn't quite get it. So I spoke of my zip faster and with more excitement and used lots of arm waving and still a blank expression.

So to the blogging world. I put in a zip.

 And piping.

I have a fear of zips which is inherited from my Mum she has passed it on and fills me with dread every time the idea comes in to my head. I think a few zippy pouches and hopefully this will be overcome.
Now I have that out of the way. I've been so busy on a Dinosaur quilt and it is now finished and wrapping itself around the birthday boy.

That is not the birthday boy, but my lovely husband, aka the quilt stand.
I still need to work on the photography but it'll come I felt very pleased with myself when I took a photo of the weekender mid project. I'm loving working on the weekender its giving me loads of confidence on following a pattern and this week I will be thinking of little girls clothes, maybe following a pattern.
Lizzy x