Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I didn't quite get the blogging thing until last night I was working on my weekender (working sounds like its a chore and it really isn't) when I accomplished a zip and piping. I skipped to my husband brimming over with pride and by the look on his face he didn't quite get it. So I spoke of my zip faster and with more excitement and used lots of arm waving and still a blank expression.

So to the blogging world. I put in a zip.

 And piping.

I have a fear of zips which is inherited from my Mum she has passed it on and fills me with dread every time the idea comes in to my head. I think a few zippy pouches and hopefully this will be overcome.
Now I have that out of the way. I've been so busy on a Dinosaur quilt and it is now finished and wrapping itself around the birthday boy.

That is not the birthday boy, but my lovely husband, aka the quilt stand.
I still need to work on the photography but it'll come I felt very pleased with myself when I took a photo of the weekender mid project. I'm loving working on the weekender its giving me loads of confidence on following a pattern and this week I will be thinking of little girls clothes, maybe following a pattern.
Lizzy x


  1. oooooo you will have to show me how to do the zip and piping, I'm still at the 'afraid to start' phase. Well done you. And that quilt is supreme xx

  2. Woo hoo! You are going great guns with the zips and piping. Fear is often worse than the actual sewing part. Like that dinosaur quilt. Di x

  3. Yay, fantastic, great work Liz! And how cute is the dino quilt :O)

  4. Yay, well done you! You can now class yourself as a zip and piping master! The dino quilt is so cute!